What is Urbiquity?

Urbiquity is a platform for creative and critical urbanism. Using visual methods alongside text and materiality, Urbiquity aims to investigate sociality in the built environment and generate new knowledge of the ways we inhabit increasingly multilayered, contextual and connected global localities. Our aim is to relate to seemingly imperceptible processes – either too large or small, too distant or close to grasp without conscious study. Urbiquity employs both urban theory and creative practice in creating new, interdisciplinary research. 

We define our approach as international and multidisciplinary, bringing together perspectives from visual artists, urbanists, sociologists, anthropologists and architects from different cultures. Urbiquity is based in three locations – London, Madrid and Tallinn – but operates internationally. We organize Urban Residencies in different cities creating synergies between local and foreign actors. Our goal is to produce enriched new insights by researching and improving the interaction with the urban environment.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on research projects, lectures, exhibitions, and urban residencies do not hesitate to contact us!

Urbiquity was founded by Stefano Carnelli, Pablo Conejo and Mattias Malk.





The rest of the Urbiquity archive will be here soon.